Radio show: The history of house music

Attached is a link to my most recent radio show that was submitted for my Music Programming module at university. The show begins with classic house records from 1984 before seamlessly being mixed to some of the most recent and creative tracks that represent the current house scene.


Yellow Claw – Los Amsterdam: Gear 8

Yellow Claw may have lost long term member MC Bizzey but the release of the brand new album Los Amsterdam is a clear representation of the duo pulling out all the stops. Rapidly overtaking their last album Blood For Mercy, shifting the transmission into rare territory, gear 8.     Although known for there blasting… Continue reading Yellow Claw – Los Amsterdam: Gear 8

Stefflon Don – 16 shots: Five years later

Stephanie Allen, better known as Stefflon Don. Featured on London alongside Krept and Konan and Jeremih. In late 2016, she released her mixtape Real Ting which doesn’t really cut it as a title; Mad Ting is better. It’s the ideal term to describe 16 shots. Although the single was not performed during a cameo appearance… Continue reading Stefflon Don – 16 shots: Five years later