I am a Media and Communications (radio specialist) undergraduate student at Birmingham City University in my first year. I previously attended Birmingham Ormiston Academy (BOA), a school specialising in performing, digital and creative arts where I studied creative media and worked alongside many industry professionals from companies such as Freeradio, BBC and Livenation.

I’ve had a passion for radio for many years, and it all started whilst going to probably the most strangest after school club. Me and my friend would sit in a silent English class with Miss Venross every Tuesday, expecting to make some radio show that would get us famous (top banter), instead we’d constantly joke over songs we’d find and include on our adobe audition project whilst speaking over them using the laptops default microphone, it was a load of fun but who knew I’d be studying radio at higher education?

3-4 years later, and I’ve affiliated with the following radio stations (recent first) –

Scratch Radio (Birmingham City University student station)

Raaj FM (Asian community radio station)

B2 Radio (Student radio station in BOA, Birmingham)

BBC Radio 1Xtra (National radio station supplying the best of urban music to the masses)

Newstyle Radio (African Caribbean community station, Winson Green)

Freeradio (Local radio station, Birmingham)

KIC FM (Community radio station, Wolverhampton)

Radio XL (Asian community station, Birmingham)

Its hard to believe I’d go from messing around in a class room with a MacBook getting ‘gassed’ (street slang for…excited) over the DJ Hero remix of Dizzee Rascal ‘Fix Up Look Sharp’,  to working with top professionals.

This is just a small snippet of the journey I’ve been on during the past few years…I’ve DJed at various locations including a festival that came to Birmingham in 2014…I’ve played the Dhol alongside Jaz Dhami, a lot more is to come, this is just the start.