Yellow Claw – Los Amsterdam: Gear 8

Yellow Claw may have lost long term member MC Bizzey but the release of the brand new album Los Amsterdam is a clear representation of the duo pulling out all the stops. Rapidly overtaking their last album Blood For Mercy, shifting the transmission into rare territory, gear 8.


Yellow Claw – Los Amsterdam album cover


Although known for there blasting beats, the album begins on an emotional note. Home featuring Sophie Simmons is an unexpected record. Who doesn’t like a surprise? Although there is no sign of a ground breaking drop just yet, you don’t have to wait long. The next track Without you is a true form of the Yellow Claw signature sound which is then seamlessly followed by Love and War with vocals from upcoming talent Yade Lauren who is also the vocalist on the dancehall trap infused Invitation, a more chilled out release.

Listen to Good Day and within three guesses, you will have guessed the co-producer and vocalist. Think Lean On. Think Mad Decent. Think of two animals. DJ Snake and Elliphant. The song concludes with a string and bass selection before the energy is turned up a notch with a house record, Open. It has a vibe you would hear at a summer festival. Get the tropical tee out and those shades on.

Yellow Claw are exquisite professionals at providing energy with there signature obliterating sound and this is represented through the momentum carried by the thrilling records City in Lockdown that features Hip Hop Artist Juicy J who sounds similar to Waka Flocka Flame and stacks. Vocals provided by in-demand Quavo and British rapper, Tinie Tempah. Expect this in the clubs.

An album full of established collaborators can be a hit or miss – With Yellow Claw however, they have continuously worked with unknown talent that compliments the unique productions. Rochelle previously collaborated on Shotgun in 2013. She features on Light Year which has a similar melody to the popular Till it Hurts. Full of energy with a hint of thrill.

 Los Amsterdam is an indication to how hard the duo have worked. You can’t help but imagine yourself front of the stage. About to witness it all in front of your eyes. Blink of an eye and the vision is still there.

The range of styles represents the time put in by the duo and the filthy bass lines compliment the more meaningful records. Yellow Claw has shifted that gear stick into 8. Driving in the fast lane.




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