Stefflon Don – 16 shots: Five years later

Stephanie Allen, better known as Stefflon Don.

Featured on London alongside Krept and Konan and Jeremih. In late 2016, she released her mixtape Real Ting which doesn’t really cut it as a title; Mad Ting is better. It’s the ideal term to describe 16 shots. Although the single was not performed during a cameo appearance at the recent Kehlani show in London, 5 years ago, this all would have been a dream ting for her. Stefflon Don has built the foundation of the yard, now to build on that.

Stefflon Don – Real Ting mixtape cover


16 Shots is about Stefflon protecting her mother and it begins aggressively. You might listen to the first few seconds and it might not be your style but wait, there is more to come. This is just the Stefflon Don style and unique personality represented through the style of the chilling vocals and thrilling chords.

25 seconds in and the beat turns slightly melodic with a Lean On-esque percussion loop. It sounds unique and full of charisma, just like Stefflon Don. The majority of the song represents the crossover of Dancehall and Hip Hop which is popular in the current UK rap scene. Just take a look at Abra Cadabra, J Hus and Geko. Although this, what do you imagine when you think of Dancehall music? Because it isn’t all positivity with 16 Shots as you would expect with Dancehall music. In the first verse of the record she raps:

Diss my mother then your skin start bleed, so don’t bother mess with my mommy

Full of attitude, anger and this is continued in the second verse:

Diss my mother then your lip won’t speak, so don’t bother mess with my mommy

Don’t be scared though as the bridge of the song represents another side of Stefflon. Emotional with a hint of fury. With the other parts of the song, the percussion and kick drums carry the song and it forces you to nod your head although with the bridge comes a new superiority; her vocals. Strong and full of substance that instantly grab your attention.

The best type of music is with a meaning, a history. Records that really represent value. The beat has to equally be as good. 16 Shots is a combination of this. Fascinating story line and tight beat. 5 years ago, Stephanie was working as a hair-dresser. 5 years later and she is the UK’s new Nicki Minaj. Real Ting









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