SRML – Much more than a record label? New release ‎#YouMeApartamentos

The release of You Me Apartamentos was due in half an hour – 1St July precisely at midnight. Watching Drai Douglas, the co-producer of the track DJ live in Stourbridge gave me the idea to write about the new release, the official video, and a small insight to SRML – a record label based in Birmingham.

Drai Douglas – a former Birmingham Ormiston Academy student who finished with a BTEC Level 3 in Music Technology, working alongside his passionate father, Raymond Douglas on the SRML division – a labelwho aim to provide opportunities for people in the surrounding areas of Birmingham.

Sometimes it’s good to do less but that is the complete opposite for the duo who work with artists producing different ranges of music. Electronic, House, Reggae, R&B, Grime – SRML cover all but everything, thus giving locals a variety of opportunities. A large proportion of the work is promoting other businesses work in a variety of ways.


[Above: the SRML divisions]

You Me Apartamentos is a funky House song with a catchy beat. It sounds to-date, and has those summer vibes you require at this time of year. I enjoyed listening to the different instruments used and it displays the great diversity of SRML.

The video for the song begins with the father and son jetting off to Es Cana Ibiza, you see a number of landscape shots as well as the duo taking part in activities at the resort park before seeing a number of locals mime the only lyrics in the song – You Me Apartamentos! It is a journey that your taken on and it makes you feel very much apart of the experience.

Apart from the adventure, it is the end of the video that shows why SRML is more than your ordinary record label.  The video may not be the best quality, but it takes you on an exciting journey that suits the style of the song. The narrative is creative and some of the shots taken are good to see.

The bonus footage near the end of the video sees Raymond singing happy birthday to a girl named Lottie. What I like is the desire and passion.

If you’re new to SRML, from this clip alone your instantly able to tell why they do what they do. It’s the love they have and that’s the most important factor for doing something.

Keep an eye on future collaborations and promotional material, check out the video below and hope you enjoy.

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