Late April was the moment of the month for new releases. Beyoncé’s Lemonade was released on the 23rd whilst Drake’s Views was released on my birthday, the 29th. There was also the release on the 29th of the Chris Brown and OHB project titled, Before The Trap: Nights in Tarzan. The 19 track mixtape featured the remix of Wrist featuring Young Thug and Young Jeezy, released April 25th.

It wasn’t just the end of April that was full of hot material. During the first couple weeks of April welcomed releases from the likes of G-Eazy, K-Stewart and Alesso. There was one rapper who released 2 tracks on the same day, one of them making top spot in this months Sami’s 5 Tracks.

#1 – Drake feat. Wizkid and Nyla – One Dance

When I first found out that Drake will be releasing two tacks on the 5th April – One Dance featuring Wizkid and Nyla and Pop Style featuring The Throne (Kanye West and Jay-Z), before even listening to them, I believed the latter would have been more popular. Although this, working with 2 Hip Hop heavy weights doesn’t necessarily mean anything anymore, both tracks sounded very different, maybe this was a reason they were released on the same day. Drake then will be showcasing two different styles in 1 day, a great teaser for his then, upcoming album Views.

 One Dance samples Kyla’s Do You Mind and has been very successful, hitting the #1 spot in the UK, it was bound to be my #1 this month.

#2 – Henry Fong feat. Richie Loop – Drop it Down Low

I have been a listening to Henry Fong for a couple of years and his music has always stood out from others in the so called “EDM” scene. Within the last year though, he has been releasing more Reggae influenced records. I really liked Wine Dem, it had that energy yet originality compared to everything else that was releasing at the time. His latest single Drop it Down Low that features Richie Loop, a vocalist who has just worked with Bad Royale on the track The Royale Anthem (released 6th May), had to hit this months top 5, its creative and full of energy!

 #3 – R3hab feat. Felix Snow and Madi – Care

I remember listening to R3hab’s remixes of songs from the likes of Far East Movement and Calvin Harris years ago thinking, this is just crazy. The first song I listened of his was called The Bottle Song, it was him and Afrojack that really introduced me to Electronic and Dance music. With the music industry constantly evolving, I have noticed different changes in styles from R3hab. The last 3 songs he has released are all different yet you can hear that R3hab sound and I like that. Care is this months #3 because it’s a different route for R3hab. It sounds really current and he tends to have that consistency of releasing records at the perfect time.  I expect big things for him, something I said many years ago and I was correct.

#4 – Skepta – Man (Gang)

For the last 2 years, Skepta has been releasing songs from his highly-anticipated album Konnnichiwa that was released 6th May. First came That’s Not Me (Release date: 8th June 2014), followed up by It Aint Safe (2nd November 2014) and the popular, Shutdown (26th April 2015). The next single featured D Double E and ASAP Nast – Ladies Hit Squad (14th February 2016), was a different approach by Skepta and even though I weren’t really keen on it at the start, I understood why it was so popular after a while.

It was his next single that got me hyped for the album. I knew Konnichiwa was releasing soon and for Skepta to release Man (Gang) 3 weeks before it, it got me feeling excited. I feel the vibes of Man (Gang), which is the reason why it hits #4 this month.

#5 – Sleepy Tom feat. Tonye – Seeing Double

You may have heard of Sleepy Tom before, from that single he did with that guy from Major Lazer? That’s right, he worked with the maestro, Diplo on Be Right There that was nominated for a Juno for Dance Recording of the year. Now he has released Seeing Double, a track that I feel I’d have heard when MK performed at the Rainbow Venues in Birmingham on the 29th. Its most definitely my favourite House record of the moment although I’d suggest searching for his remix of Intoxicated, you’ll like it. You can expect much more to come from Sleepy Tom, but April, it concludes my top 5.

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