The month of March has been filled with some mad releases, making it more difficult for me to come up with a top 5. You’ll have noticed 4 of the 5 this month are House records.  This is due to the gigs I have had within the month that just got me feeling the House vibe that bit more. Plus, the House music getting released at the moment is pretty indescribable.

I wanted to include remixes and tracks from upcoming artists but I have decided to write about them every 1/4 of the year. Keep an eye for them posts soon.

March was a tough call. I loved the new Iggy Azalea track, Team. I also considered releases from Lethal Bizzle (Box featuring JME & Face), Kid Ink (Promise featuring Fetty Wap) and Gorgon City (All Four Walls featuring Vaults).

#1 – DJ S.K.T ft. Taet – All I Wanna Do

After receiving this, I knew it would sound as good as it is. Every time DJ S.K.T releases an original or remix, I don’t expect anything less than quality. All I Wanna Do was released on the 11th March apart of a mini EP that included Only You on Up-Tempo records. It features Taet on the vocals and both that and productions provide the perfect vibe.

Ever since DJ S.K.T made his break in 2013, he hasn’t looked back and continuously improves. Step by step I believe he will become one of the most renowned House DJs and producers in the UK. I admit though, him and MK have been my favourite producers for the last year and are constantly releasing hot material. This being number 1 track of March is no surprise then.

#2 – MK ft Becky Hill – Piece of Me

I just mentioned how MK was one of my favorite producers of the last year and it is because of releases like Piece of Me. MK has been in the game for years, he is a legend within the House scene and he is constantly releasing exceptional sounding records.

I was very excited when I first heard about Becky Hill working with MK on a single because his remix of Powerless featuring Becky and Rudimental is my favourite MK remix. The vocal chops are so inventive and the drop has that MK sound that has evolved year after year.

At Birmingham Ormiston Academy me and Keilan produced factual documentaries on influential artists, MK being one of 10. Have a listen to find about the House legend –

Piece of me is a great record that shows how MK is still creating the best. The best thing is that he is performing in Birmingham on my birthday, the 29th April, see you their MK.

#3 – Fifth Harmony ft Ty Dolla Sign – Work From Home

Probably the most ‘pop’ track of the 5, but definitely the most urban. It features TY Dolla Sign and it was my upcoming track of the week on the Urban Hour (10/03/16). It has since been very successful, but it hasn’t been a surprise because as its full of energy and features the current sound from TY.

I have been feeling his recent tracks with the likes of DJ Mustard, Yellow Claw and Destructo and his verse on Work From Home is partially the reason its my 3rd favourite song of the March.

Expect big things from Fifth Harmony who were contestants on American X Factor in 2012. They have released the very successful Boss and Worth it. Keep an eye on the 5-piece group, and of course TY.

#4 – Blonde & Craig David – Nothing Like this

Craig David came back with the release of  When The Bassline Drops featuring Big Narstie. After his comeback he featured on Who Am I with Katy B and Major Lazer and now with Blonde. Released on the 18th March, I featured it on the Urban Hour as my track of the week on the 23rd. It is an example of what Craig David features on or releases, sounds current and becomes an instant success.

What I admire is that after years, his older releases still sound as they did back then. There are many songs that sound outdated after years, yet after 16, Rewind still sounds pretty good to me?

On the other hand, Blonde is on the productions and as you would expect, it has that vibe. You may know the duo from Bristol for All Cried Out or Feel Good, yet this takes first place.

#5 – Digital Farm Animals x Youthonix – Wanna Know ft. R. Kelly

Wanna Know concludes #Samis5tracks for March. Digital Farm Animals have previously worked with Yasmin and now the very popular contemporary singer R. Kelly.

Released on the 18th March, what I admire about this song is the link between 2 genres on arguably two different spectrums – House and R&B. R.Kelly who is known for his very popular R&B records, providing the vocals for this record that I believe should be getting played more.

Keep an eye out for Digital Farm Animals, because I wasn’t expecting this release and when I noticed it features R. Kelly, I was shocked and curious. The result? Magical.

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