New single by Jay Sean featuring Sean Paul. The come back?

After writing about Imran Khans Hat Trick (below) and passing 1000 hits on my blog, I thought next I’ll write about an asian superstar, but on the other side of the musical spectrum to Imran Khan, Jay Sean.

Do You Remember, one of the top tracks of 2009 by Jay Sean, Sean Paul & Lil Jon. 7 years later and after being out of the lime light for many years, re-discovering his sound and his place in the R&B scene, Jay Sean has come back with a new single featuring Sean Paul and Candice Pillay which was released on the 5th February. The official visuals for the song were released on the 12th February, my first thoughts were, “wow, different, catchy”.


In the english music scene, Make My Love Go is indeed Jay Sean’s first single in 3 years, although he has worked with other artists since, in the Punjabi scene he made a comeback with a throwback to his previous days with Freak, a single featuring himself, Juggy D and Rishi Rich. What a comeback it was, it took the Punjabi scene by storm, mainly because the trio we all knew for Dil Mera and Dance With You had  come back. The trio made it clear they would eventually return to the studio, Freak re-ignited the fans love returning with a mix of urban and Punjabi flavour. I do think it was an opportunity for Jay Sean to put himself back on the map, reminding fans what he is all about.  What style could we expect for his first official single in so long though?

Make My Love Go, sounds like a mix of Justin Biebers Sorry, Major Lazer and Kygo. Whats similar about them all? They are smashing the charts around the world. Nevertheless, you can’t forget the distinctive style of Jay Sean himself, an R&B vocalist with that touch of energy. A mix of all that is bound to create a top selling hit, but more to that, it gets Jay Sean that recognition again. He went out the scene for so long knowing he will come back with a better and more current sound. Thats exactly whats happened. Make My Love Go is a dance hit with the vibes of summer, he has gone down the route of whats currently getting number 1s in the charts, a clever move, the track sounds great, credit to him.

What instantly comes to my head when I think of Jay Sean and Sean Paul though is Do You Remember, the smash hit that is still played to this day. Do you remember his throw back with Rishi Rich and Juggy D too? 2 consecutive throwbacks during his come back period, possibly a tactic to remind fans what they have missed? The question is, whether the tracks Freak and Make My Love Go are better than the tracks he is known for, Dance With You and Do You Remember, what do you think?

Jay Sean has came back with 2 tracks stamping his name into both the Punjabi and English music scene, his new album is in due course but in the mean time check out the official video for Make My Love Go –

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