Imran Khan’s new single ‘Hat Trick’. The game changer?

Imran Khan has finally released his highly anticipated single ‘Hat Trick’ featuring upcoming rapper Yaygo Musalini and producer Donray.


Imran Khan has been around since 2007, his first single Ni Nachleh ft Lucky was a success reaching 14.3 million views, many people instantly knew he would become a super star, he already imprinted his style in the Punjabi music scene. It was his next single that would grab the attention of the whole world – Amplifier. Released in 2009, the catchy yet simple chorus and productions were sung and hummed across the globe. I remember being at my High School, and people kept talking about Amplifier. Everyone was singing it, even the people who couldn’t understand or speak a word of Punjabi. It was a song everyone knew about, it has since been a song that changed the Punjabi music scene. I remember saying to my self that the first song I would play in my first car would be Amplifier, when that day came, I kept to my word and played it, feeling like I was back in 2009, It was also played at my prom, and still to this day, on radio. Amplifier never gets old, it feels new to this day.

After releasing his 3rd single Bewafa which showed the world he was more than just a club hit maker (but a multi-talented singer and song-writer), it took another 4 years until he released his next song. I was personally hoping to hear some new hits within the 2 years, but 4 years was a long time. Was he going to come back better? Maybe a new sound? Was he even interesting in making music anymore?

The questions were answered when he released Satisfya. After dabbing into Bollywood, with the release of Lets Celebrate, he then released the huge hit Imaginary – my personal favourite. These consecutive hits, along with his new record label IK Records, was all a part of the 4 year wait. The main point of all this? Every release has been a game changer. It never feels old. Imaginary was released at a time when that sound was buzzing not just in the UK, but the world. Imran Khan is clever, timing his releases to just when he knows theres a hype for it. He lets his fans wait, as long as possible before delivering.

On to his next and recent single Hat Trick. After leaving everyone to anticipate what his next single would sound like, he started slowly introducing it. It would be a single featuring 2 upcoming artists but what would it be like and with who? I was waiting for the release for ages, excited for what Imran Khan would offer! Again, Hat Trick has come at a time when the scene is feeding off these kind of productions, its a club hit, with a rap verse from upcoming talent Yago Musalini, who I think sounds a bit like Fetty Wap. Never the less, the song is set to put a stamp on the Punjabi music scene, every release rocks the globe, you can tell his songs aren’t just for the UK or Netherlands. International? Too small, but the world? Yes. His intentions are  clearly for everyone to remember his music 10+ years from now, do we all remember his first album Unforgettable? It says it in the title. The tracks still sound fresh and current. Expect that again in the summer when he releases his 2nd album.

In the mean time, Imran Khan’s new single Hat Trick, is a game-changer, expect a lot more from the triple threat, buy the new single here –

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