An introduction to my blog!

For quite some time I’ve been wanting to create a new blog where I could share all the content I’ve produced over the last 3/4 years.

During my years at Birmingham Ormiston Academy (BOA), I produced a variety of radio features (advertisements, radio dramas etc.) along with presenting and producing radio shows on the student radio station, B2 Radio. I’ve also created TV advertisements and music videos and with all this content, including  DJ mixes and future radio shows, a platform to show it was definitely required.

Along with my own content, I will also be posting about music I’m feeling at the moment and other general topics to do with media and music! I’m really supportive over home-grown talent so be expecting posts about upcoming singers/rappers, DJs and producers who are looking for that break in the industry.

At the beginning I mentioned I wanted to create a new blog, its because my first blog for BOA  includes all my work.

Expect consistent posts, until then, take care



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